Tuesday, December 22, 2009


What a great gift - received this from one MidCoast - one of our retouching vendors. They are very detail-oriented and they obviously did their homework when it came to a timeless gift. Can't beat the Stanley Classic 8oz Flask: good looks, sturdy design, and durable stainless steel wall, and a Stanley-backed lifetime warranty. I'm looking forward to using it for stove fuel when backpacking.

Now about the Kablamo! (aka amazonemperor) five-star review at Amazon.com of Stanley's Classic Flask.

Obviously this was in jest. But what kind of process does Amazon have for reviewing product ratings? Unless it is reported, the prank review will live on - possibly tarnishing a brand in the name of fun. Stanley should be monitoring their products for reviews like this and flagging them as needed.

Unless that is, they are trying to get a little extra buzz out of Kablamo!'s post. After all, four of six people found this review helpful. I checked Kablamo!'s profile and found that he had an equally rye sense of humor regarding a Clue game.

Epic Amazon Review Threads are the latest attack on boredom sweeping the internet. College Humor Internet Archeologist, Susanna Wolff, has an article with step-by-step instructions on "How to Write an Epic Amazon Review." Clever. Kind of reminds me of the Anarchist's Cookbook except these saboteurs subtly sneak in unaware and plant their Web-side humor with glee - knowing they just played the newest practical joke around.