Monday, October 22, 2012

Jeep Trademark Advertisement

Classic Jeep Trademark advertisement from 1973. It reads:

"Jeep® is spelled with an "R"

We started spelling it that way back in 1950 when we registered the Jeep® name with the U.S. Patent Office. From that moment on, Jeep® has been spelled with an R.

Other manufacturers make sport utility vehicles, but they are not Jeep® Vehicles. The fact of the matter is there is only one brand of vehicle that can rightfully and lawfully be called a Jeep® and this is a vehicle made by Jeep Corporation, a subsidiary of American Motors Corporation.

We earned our name the hard way; over the roughest roads and through a few bi wars so we'd appreciate it if you wouldn't call anyone else by our name--it's a hell of a way to treat a veteran."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Willys Jeep on Ad Agency Web Site

Found this creative on - new site and agency called SheepinJeep Creative Lab in Argentina. Clever way to use a Jeep 4x4 as the vehicle that carries their creative. Check it out at

Friday, August 31, 2012

Jeep USAB Basketball Copywriter

Wrote this copy for the / USAB page. The Jeep brand and USA Basketball in 2012. They both share many of the same core values - including their quest excellence and ability to tap into their inner strength, courage and passion for a noble cause. Click here for a full-size layout. Worked closely with Steve Koch in our Toronto office to create the messaging/copy for this page:


Digging deep. Surmounting obstacles. And enjoying every moment. It's all about drive and excellence as the Jeep brand supports another American icon: USA Basketball. Come along. It's always going to be an exciting journey.

Jeep(r) Brand and USA Basketball have always shared: a drive for excellence. Always honing their capabilities and working to overcome every obstacle, both define unmatched performance and unparalleled ability across the globe. Today, the Jeep brand is proud to applaud our team for using their inner strength, courage and passion to pave the road to victory. Now, we'd like to invite you to celebrate that experience and believe in the drive that we know also lies within you.

Optimizing Google Search Results: Findings in Jeep Wrangler / Call of Duty Campaign

Our Jeep Creative team at SapientNitro was tasked with creating a buzz model page for the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Call of Duty. The Jeep brand created a special Call of Duty: MW3 Edition to support the $10 million ad campaign. I wrote the copy for this Buzz Model Page to support the campaign. 
I met previously with Michael Allen, our Search expert in the SapientNitro Toronto office, about optimizing key words for the features and specs section of He mentioned that headlines are a an important ingredient in the processing that is often overlooked. So a lightbulb goes off in my head.  In order to get higher Google search ratings, I researched key terminology used in past Call of Duty campaigns. This "test" of sorts was would help me on future projects of a similar nature.
Now writing clever headlines for a page is one thing - especially when you're trying to be true to your core values and branding. Trying to weave in key phrases from a co-branding partner is a whole new challenge. First the search for phrases. Then trying to incorporate them without being to forced. Getting our great clients to buy into the idea. It required extra work, but it ended up working on many different levels. In all I incorporated over 20 achievement/trophy phrases into the headlines and body copy (started out with 28, but client review took that down a bit). Titles such as "Back in the Saddle", "The French Connection", "The Dragon Within", "Locked and Loaded", and "Ground Control" were all trophy phrases that gamers would tag with "Call of Duty" to find cheats, or ways to get through difficult levels, in game play. 
Google search results were dramatically increased by associating this Jeep Call of Duty page with key phrases. (Note: I'm basing this in comparison to other projects that didn't incorporate similar techniques). Type in "Call of Duty" in a Google search and the Jeep Call of Duty page comes up 8th on the list - first page - that's without using Jeep in the search cue. Type in "Locked and Loaded" and "Call of Duty" in a Google search (without any reference to Jeep) and the page comes up first in the search.
Type in "The Dragon Within" and "Call of Duty" in a Google search (without any reference to Jeep) and we are come up second in the ranking.
Another example is "Call of Duty" and "Prevent Collateral Damage" - ranks number one in the search again. 
The key phrases goes on and on with first to third rankings on a Google search. But does it work for words that are buried in copy? Seems to help there too. Consider "Raining Pain" and "Call of Duty" - comes up as the third result in a Google search.
Best search results are also had with "The French Connection", "Back in the Saddle", "Elevate Your Senses", and "End Justify the Means". We didn't use any of the key phrases in the Meta Data/Key Words - only traditional Jeep and Call of Duty tags: 

So where does that leave us? My low-tech test seems to show that using unique terminology, catch phrases, slogans, and key words from co-marketing / co-branding partners in headlines can be very effective in cross-linking the two brands and elevating rankings in Google searches. 

Jeep Cherokee CRD Ad for Italian Market

Ad designed for 2005 launch of the Jeep Cherokee CRD. The Cherokee (named Liberty in the United States) had an available 2.8L CRD engine. The print ad was created by the Pentamark agency in Rome Italy for the Italian market. The theme was "The Wild Side of Life."

Monday, August 20, 2012

Grand Cherokee: The Ultimate Search Engine

Love the closing tagline: "Grand Cherokee … The Ultimate Search Engine." 

“From the day you were born … we’re searching. Of “whom”, and “what” we’re not sure.  But something calls us onwards. Something makes us wonder.  Something makes us believe that we’ll find an answer. You might say that life itself is a search. So whatever you do … don’t stop searching. And don’t look back.

The Life Search Engine campaign was produced by CumminsRoss, of Melbourne for the Australian advertising arm of the Jeep brand. Executive Creative Director: Jason Ross, Chief Executive Officer: Sean Cummins; Creatives: Ed Howley and toby Cummings. 

This “Traveller” video was filmed in Melbourne, Chile, Patagonia and Argentina by director Germain McMicking via The Directors Group. Music is “Life Search” by Ben Allen.

Jeep Liberty CRD Clouds Ad

Jeep Liberty CRD Clouds Ad by lee.ekstrom
Jeep Liberty CRD Clouds Ad, a photo by lee.ekstrom on Flickr.
Ahead of its time. The 2005 Liberty with CRD engine was pumping out 25+ hwy mpg and had loads of low-end torque. I was fortunate to accompany engineers on a cold weather trip to Bemidji Minnesota for some torture testing. The little diesel did well, and eventually created a lot of buzz in the marketplace quickly selling all 10,000 units.

This ad was created by the now defunct BBDO-Detroit agency:
Creative Directors: Mike Stocker, Robin Chrumka; Creatives: Ty Hutchinson, John O'Hea

Jeep Wranger Grille Advertisement

The wild and adventurous view from the engine compartment of a mighty Jeep Wrangler.

This "Capture the Wild" advertisement promoted the "Go Anywhere, Do Anything" Jeep Wrangler in the international arena.

The creative was produced by Publicis (Montreal, Canada). Creative Directors: Nicolas, Massey and Carl Robichaud. Art Director/Illustrator: Bogdan Truta; Copywriter: Michael Aronson.

Interesting note: The 2004 electric-based Jeep Treo concept vehicle had clear plexiglass slots on the Jeep grille so the driver could see right to the pavement.

Jeep Beaver International Ad

The inevitable outcome of man making inroads into the interior? Trinkets and take-aways for the tourists of course! This playful "Now, Man is Expected Anywhere" campaign for Jeep Wrangler was created by the Leo Burnett ad agency in Paris, France. Designed for international marketing campaign.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jeep Brand & Juventus Partner Together

Part of the Jeep brand's marketing campaign includes a strong international push including a Eur35 million buy in sponsorship of the Italian Juventus Club. It's a three year deal, showing the long term commitment the brand has in the market. Juventus claims more than 295 million followers around the world. Another American automaker, Chevrolet had signed on to sponsor Manchester United, a popular English team. Of particular note, the Agnelli family, which has a controlling stake in Fiat-Chrysler, also runs the Italian Juventus Club. Part of the sponsorship includes a prominent Jeep logo on all jerseys of players and referees. The Jeep brand will also become the official vehicle supplier for Juventus.

An amazing display of football skills can be found in this promotional video tying Juventus and Jeep brand together. Gunther Celi, the reigning Italian champion of freestyle football and his team mate Andrea Free7 show some amazing skills in this YouTube video. Looking forward to increased sales, both domestically and internationally. Enjoy.