Monday, August 20, 2012

Grand Cherokee: The Ultimate Search Engine

Love the closing tagline: "Grand Cherokee … The Ultimate Search Engine." 

“From the day you were born … we’re searching. Of “whom”, and “what” we’re not sure.  But something calls us onwards. Something makes us wonder.  Something makes us believe that we’ll find an answer. You might say that life itself is a search. So whatever you do … don’t stop searching. And don’t look back.

The Life Search Engine campaign was produced by CumminsRoss, of Melbourne for the Australian advertising arm of the Jeep brand. Executive Creative Director: Jason Ross, Chief Executive Officer: Sean Cummins; Creatives: Ed Howley and toby Cummings. 

This “Traveller” video was filmed in Melbourne, Chile, Patagonia and Argentina by director Germain McMicking via The Directors Group. Music is “Life Search” by Ben Allen.