Monday, October 22, 2012

Jeep Trademark Advertisement

Classic Jeep Trademark advertisement from 1973. It reads:

"Jeep® is spelled with an "R"

We started spelling it that way back in 1950 when we registered the Jeep® name with the U.S. Patent Office. From that moment on, Jeep® has been spelled with an R.

Other manufacturers make sport utility vehicles, but they are not Jeep® Vehicles. The fact of the matter is there is only one brand of vehicle that can rightfully and lawfully be called a Jeep® and this is a vehicle made by Jeep Corporation, a subsidiary of American Motors Corporation.

We earned our name the hard way; over the roughest roads and through a few bi wars so we'd appreciate it if you wouldn't call anyone else by our name--it's a hell of a way to treat a veteran."