Tuesday, February 15, 2011

$2,000 Beer Can Jeep

You can purchase this masterpiece of Aluminum machinery for a cool $2,000 cash.
Or, buy the designs for $10 and try it yourself at home.
You'll need some other supplies as well: superglue, single edged razor blades, sharp scissors, sand paper, galvanized wire, electric cable, tiny nuts and bolts, washers, aluminum tubing, small piece of wood, and a few pins from a sewing kit.
That and a few hundred (or thousand) hours depending on skill set. Give yourself four weeks of part time work if you're an expert.
According to perfectionist artist Sandy Sanderson, choosing a can can be a tough decision.
You may want to visit the local Beer importer to get the best colors and graphics for your Beer Can Jeep.Sandy Sanderson is a perfectionist. He recycles. He lives in Hamilton, New Zealand.