Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jeep Brand & Juventus Partner Together

Part of the Jeep brand's marketing campaign includes a strong international push including a Eur35 million buy in sponsorship of the Italian Juventus Club. It's a three year deal, showing the long term commitment the brand has in the market. Juventus claims more than 295 million followers around the world. Another American automaker, Chevrolet had signed on to sponsor Manchester United, a popular English team. Of particular note, the Agnelli family, which has a controlling stake in Fiat-Chrysler, also runs the Italian Juventus Club. Part of the sponsorship includes a prominent Jeep logo on all jerseys of players and referees. The Jeep brand will also become the official vehicle supplier for Juventus.

An amazing display of football skills can be found in this promotional video tying Juventus and Jeep brand together. Gunther Celi, the reigning Italian champion of freestyle football and his team mate Andrea Free7 show some amazing skills in this YouTube video. Looking forward to increased sales, both domestically and internationally. Enjoy.