Monday, May 4, 2009

Palm Pre Preacher

Got opinions? According to a recent PC World article, Palm is offering up a few Pre devices to "Real Reviewers" (aka "Key Influencers") in order to get some extra buzz. Deal includes a free Pre and 6-month data plan for just-the-right-reviewers. Ends May 8th. The original news was posted by Job Zilber - Palm's Online Communications Director at the Official Palm Blog.

The influencer premise has worked well for many launches. Jeff Bell, former Vice President of Global Marketing for Interactive Entertainment (now with NCT Ventures), used it successfully to promote its Xbox 360 console.

Jeff previously headed up the marketing department for the Jeep® brand and worked closely with BBDO Detroit creative to get the word out to an extended network of first, or early-adopters. These decision makers, recommenders and influencers carry weight (street-cred) in todays fast-paced world.

The iPhone is by far the most popular device used in our digital agency (Organic Inc.) -- almost exclusively in creative and darn-near it in engineering. The engagement managers are a mixed bunch - with most using Blackberry devices. I'm hoping to plant a seed in the trenches to see if the Pre will take hold. We might even get some Jeep brand apps for the unit - we'll see. Let the influencing begin.