Friday, April 8, 2011

1973 Super Jeep Advertisement

Now we're clear that Jeep CJ-5's are girls with multiple personalities (at least multiple voices): Not a bird. Not a plane. But a new thrill under the sun - 4-wheel drive fun-mobiling. At first glance, that same familiar profile, but underneath that super-stripe stands a baby brute with the guts to go where others fear to tread. Super Jeep is all guts from the brawny suspension to the heavy-duty axle - an open-end design that can turn in just 32.9 ft. And special color treatment on the front and rear seats, the roll bar's saying "go!" and the 258 six answers "r-r-i-i-ght!"" Oversize L78 x 15 Polyglas white wall tires are included along with those black rubber lip extensions on the fenders. Plus chrome front bumper and safety rail for your more easily flustered passengers. She's available in all kinds of color combinations and lots of extra goodies. So don't just sit there, hit the trail in a gen-u-ine Super Jeep Toughest 4-letter word on wheels.