Friday, May 24, 2013

Jeep Wrangler Doors Hard to Close?

Once in a while I run into someone who shares that their Wrangler doors are hard to close. I just smile. That's a good thing. It tells me their new to the whole Jeep thing and just need a little insight to why Wrangler doors are different. In a Wrangler form follows function. There are many unique features on a Wrangler / Wrangler Unlimited with a hardtop that set it apart from all other vehicles:
  • The relatively lightweight doors are removable for open-air driving, and lighter weight doors require more effort to close.
  • Keeping things simple, Wrangler doors only utilize a check strap in lieu of a heavy mechanical system which aids in closing effort.
  • The door opening has no weather seal so you have a clean opening for entry and exit from your Wrangler. The door has a seal with some rubber inserts that helps keep out the wind and water in some challenging locations, such as where the windshield header, hardtop Freedom Panel and door all come together.
So there you have it. Long story short - Jeep engineers had to decide what was more important: an easy to close door, or a door that would seal out the wind and water. They chose the latter. So next time you close the door on your Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited give a little bit more effort as you enjoy your purpose built adventure machine. And enjoy the ride.