Monday, January 11, 2010

Ultralight Backpacking Gear

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My son and I sharing a freeze-dried meal before boarding the boat to North Manitou Island.

The Optimus Crux stove only weighs 3.2 oz and folds to fit under the concave base of the Isobutane canister. Very innovative. Very well-made. Voted 2003 Gear of the Year honor by Outside magazine.

Gotta love the Orikaso bowl - it's heat resistant, folds completely flat, weighs only a few grams and doesn't suffer any structural fatique over time. Gotta love it.

My 4.4 oz Ultralight Outfitters Beer Can Cook Pot and Stove uses Esbit solid fuel tabs for consistent burn time. I trimmed off the top of a 25.4 fl oz Fosters Can - conveniently lined with Teflon (to preserve freshness) for a non-stick coating. You have to use the included Lean Spoon as the Teflon coating can be damaged with a Ti spoon. Cook pot doubles as a drinking mug with the wind shield in place. I love this cookset.