Friday, November 25, 2011

Brush Fire Jeep CJ-3A in Action

Great shot - love the 4 Wheel Drive callout on the back of the CJ-3A. The Jeep CJ-3A, with it versatile power take off (pto), was promoted for service in a variety of arenas. This press release was highlighting the benefits of a Jeep 4x4 in forestry to help with fire suppression. The pto was used to power up a chain saw and help drag felled trees away from the burn zone. This image was taken in 1949 and distributed by the Willys-Overland Motors company of Toledo, Ohio.

The caption read: Danger of crown fires, dread of forest fire-fighters, is averted as burning snags are felled in the fire area. With speed the vital factor in keeping the fire small and damage slight, a chain saw, operated by the power of the Jeep engine, is used in cutting down the trees.