Monday, November 21, 2011

Jeep Legends Advertisement

Jeep Legends Advertisement by lee.ekstrom
Jeep Legends Advertisement, a photo by lee.ekstrom on Flickr.
Classic Jeep advertisement celebrating the CJ-5 Laredo. It's no wonder the Jeep brand has stayed on track for over seven decades - the capability theme has never changed. Read the copy from 1980 with it's strong style and resale value story and it could be substituted for a JK of today.

The legendary Jeep vehicles have been protecting forests, transporting troops, delivering mail, plowing snow, winning races and weathering storms for more than a quarter of a century. Longer than a lot of vehicles have even existed.

They've given American drivers more outward mobility, rugged performance and pure fun than any single car in history. And they've held onto their value like they've held onto their legendary design, transcending passing styles season after season, year after year.

But today's Jeep CJ is more than its famous four wheels driving into the sunset. It's the option of contoured buckets, room for four, carpeting, air conditioning, stereo ... hardtop. soft top, no top at all. And something you'll appreciate every time you drive: more miles per gallon than any 4-wheeler made in America. No other vehicle can meet your demands and desires in quite the same way.

Jeep CJ wasn't born a legend. It had to earn the respect of the world's toughest drivers, and keeps on earning it every day. On wilderness trails and unplowed streets. On the job and out on the town. That's why the legend lives on.