Monday, November 28, 2011

Generals in a Jeep

General Douglas MacArthur was as big as any rock star in his olive drab five-star uniform. He felt he was destined by God to hold his military position.

General MacArthur led the United Nations Command in the Korean War from 1950 to 1951. Eight days after this image was taken, MacArthur was removed from this command by President Harry S. Truman. MacArthur had voiced to the press his critical opinion of President Truman's limited-war strategy.

MacArthur served in the military for 52 years.

From left to right in the M38: Lt. Gen. Matthew Ridgeway; Maj. Gen. Doyle Hickey; and Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Commander in Chief of U.N. Forces in Korea. The specially modified Jeep 4x4 has a bar allowing General MacArthur to stand as he inspected the troops at the command post in Yang Yang, Korea.

The post was roughly 15 miles north of the 38th parallel, April 3, 1951.

Courtesy of Grigg, U.S. Army. National Archives and Records Administration.

NARA FILE #: 111-SC-365348.


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Courtesy of U.S. Army Korea - Installation Management Command.