Monday, November 21, 2011

Jeep Brand Niche Advertising - Surfing

Jeep Jeepster Convertible on Beach by lee.ekstrom
There's magic in the idea of surfing. The sound of the surf and the pounding waves relentlessly call you to play in an immersed-in-nature experience. The quest for the perfect break drives many the world over. Forever searching. Looking for a remote spot where your only competition is the wave and not a crowd of first timers. It's about being on top. Mentally checked in. In tune with the wave it's sound, movement and energy. When it's right, you feel like your dancing on the wave. Your in the flow. And you wonder how you can get that feeling anywhere other than a wave.

For many off-roaders, taking their Jeep 4x4 into the backwoods of America can feel like riding the perfect wave at Waimea Bay Beach. It's kind of like tuning in to terra firma. Like being connected from the head and heart right down through the leg and foot pedals and engine and tires — right down to the earth. Nature calls off-roaders much the same way as the surfers. Boulders, rocks, ledges and logs have a way of talking to you through the bottom of your Jeep 4x4. The off-road skid plates are like sounding boards to the soul. It's kind of like Morse Code from Mother Nature passed on through the trail. The gentle woosh of leaves against the quarter panel. The rocks kissing your t-case skid plate. You've got a special connection to the terrain that, when explained, others just don't understand. That is until they make it out to the trail with you. Put them in the driver's seat. Then their ears come alive, and then, and only then, they understand.

The intangible tie of riders of the rip curls and riders of the rugged rock is the common bond that forms between nature's adventurer seekers. It transcends boundaries, job titles, and equipment. It's about being immersed in nature's backyard.

The Jeep brand has had a long history of sponsoring like-minded people who share the spirit of adventure and freedom. One of the key sports that shares the Jeep spirit is surfing. Ben Skinner is showing the Shaka sign, a gesture of Hawaii that says "aloha", that everything is all right, good vibes and mutual respect. Check out a recent interview with Ben by jeep-people after an Association of Surfing Professionals World Longboard Tour Bear Pro event.

While not everyone has access to the waves or has a longboard made by Ben Skinner, you can go to your local Jeep dealer and have instant access to fun and freedom only associated with a Jeep 4x4.