Monday, March 9, 2009

Try Ladies Tea

What's more social than a Ladies Tea? I found this wonderful site through a digital back door or sorts. A friend on Facebook forwarded a clever "Original Design Gangsta" video she found on YouTube. The video, produced in 2007, was good enough to keep my attention until the credits ... Thought I'd check it out. Nice clean site - my attention was drawn to a plug on his site: "Noteworthy - My wife's BRILLIANT networking idea for women."

Click on it and it takes you to created by Kyle's wife Sonja Webster (Bunzendahl). Brilliant it is. Beautiful design and a wonderful concept that blends a traditional social network idea (ladies teas) and brings it into the digital domain.

An excerpt from the FAQs page:

"The Ladies Tea provides quality lady-time that will inevitably open new doors for you. When you get a diverse group of open-minded and positive women together, so much can happen: a new friendship, an idea, a job opportunity, a valuable life lesson… host The Ladies Tea and see! Hosting The Ladies Tea definitely makes a positive statement about you and your interests. It says that you are a modern and classy lady, eager to network with other ladies who want the most out of life and are open to new ideas."

Who wouldn't want to be modern, classy and want the most out of life? Any time my wife comes back from a Ladies Tea she's happy. Anything that brings happiness at a minimal cost is bound to succeed in today's world. Sugar anyone?

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