Monday, March 9, 2009

Quality Gas is a Shell Game

Not all gasoline is the same. So say’s Shell.

Shell is pushing its new “Nitrogen Enriched” V-Power gasoline additive that promises to help reduce performance-robbing carbon deposit (a.k.a. gunk) build up in the engine. This can include sticky intake valves and clogged fuel injectors. Shell's Web site states:

“Gunky-build up can reduce an engine’s ability to breath, and can be a result of using lower quality gasolines. With five times the amount of cleaning agents required by Federal government standards, Shell V-Power gasoline can protect your engine and actively clean intake valves and injectors.”

According to NPD Group’s monthly customer-behavior research, 70-percent of consumers say price plays the most important role in their gasoline purchase decision. Price is king.

Many car owners are keeping their vehicles longer, and most gasoline companies are using some sort of additive to help reduce gunk. But it can be hit or miss. Is it worth taking the chance?

Andrew Buczynsky, General Motor’s fuel guru recommends using quality gasoline approved by one of the eight companies at to help reduce your chances of getting a “check engine” light.

More than 700 reports of injector problems were logged with the Wisconsin Department of Commerce in 2004 due to low-quality fuel (40-percent from Citgo stations).

Are you willing to play the Shell game?

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